Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in New Zealand. Melanoma is the most serious type, and our rates are amongst the highest in the world.

Shade Loan

Umbrellas and Marquees

We provide a Shade Loan Scheme to local community not for profit groups over the Summer period.  Umbrellas and marquees are available from 1st October to 31st March.  Early booking essential.  Please complete the attached application form


Schools Sunsmart Accreditation

We provide Sunsmart accreditation for schools.
Please click on the Sunsmart Schools website

To find out more visit

We are also available to speak at your school.
Please contact Michelle Hunt, Cancer Society Nelson Centre Manager
P: (03) 539 1137


We provide sunscreen to schools that meet certain criteria and it is also available for purchase from our Centre.


Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is largely preventable. Over 90% of all skin cancer cases are attributed to excess sun exposure. We encourage all New Zealanders to be SunSmart and to 'slip, slop, slap and wrap.'

Be SunSmart

It is important to be SunSmart in the months between September and April, especially between the hours of 10am-4pm when UV radiation levels are very high.

Sun Protection

Sun protection should also be used throughout the year when at high altitudes or near highly reflective surfaces, such as snow or water.

Shadeloan Scheme

We can help you with our Shadeloan scheme for your community events and to become a Sunsmart School.

Enquire about our Shadeloan Scheme.

Shade Loan enquiry form

Conditions of Hire

  • Nelson Cancer Society provides shadeloan for local community not for profit groups for local community events.If you are selling tickets to an event you can still use our shadeloan but there will be a small cost. Please contact us for more information.
  • Nelson Cancer Society will not take any responsibility for any personal injury or damage to property; this must be covered by the borrower’s public liability insurance.
  • The shade tents must be used for protecting people and not merchandise or cooking.
  • $100 deposit by eftpos or cash is to be paid on collection, which will be refunded on return of equipment in good condition. No refund will be given if the equipment is damaged, lost.
  • The borrower must pay for any damage to the shade structure(s).
  • If the shade structure(s) is stolen the borrower will be charged the replacement costs.
  • Marquees must be dry before return.
  • If the shade structure(s) are returned and require cleaning, all costs incurred will be charged to the borrower.
  • Shade Structures and equipment must be returned by the agreed date and time on previous page, failure to do this will result in your deposit being forfeited.

In partnership with the Nelson Cancer Society we expect you to:

  1. Raise the profile of our Cancer Society branded sunscreen.
  2. Ensure that the sunscreen is applied correctly as recommended by the Cancer Society.
  3. Ensure that event organizers wear appropriate SunSmart clothing including a hat and sunglasses during an outdoor event.
  4. Promote SunSmart/Smokefree/Nutrition/Physical Activity cancer awareness messages. (Posters and/or information can be provided if requested)
  5. Smokefree events are to be totally smokefree for the entire event. This includes the venue and the immediate grounds.
  6. Acknowledge the Cancer Society’s assistance at your event – eg with regular SunSmart announcements.
  7. If the event is to be advertised, reference should be made to SunSmart, including the logo.
  8. The organisers should role model SunSmart behaviour.