GJ Gardner Homes Nelson Relay For Life major sponsor

GJ Gardner Homes Nelson Stands Strong with Relay For Life!

PHOTO: Cancer Society Nelson Tasman’s Centre Manager, Michelle Hunt, left, with Shirley Vercoe from GJ Gardner Homes Nelson. G.J. Gardner Homes NZ

We are thrilled GJ Gardner Homes Nelson will again be the major sponsor of Relay For Life Nelson Tasman! Their unwavering support has added a powerful boost to our cause, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

GJ Gardner Homes Nelson, led by the passionate Shirley and Stephen Vercoe, is not just about building homes; they are champions of community causes that touch their hearts. The Vercoes’ commitment to Relay For Life stems from a deep understanding of the widespread impact of cancer on individuals and families.

Shirley Vercoe, a driving force behind this initiative, emphasises that their support goes beyond financial contributions. It’s about creating awareness and raising funds to make a real difference in our community. The Nelson team, recognising the vital role Relay For Life plays in providing support, is actively engaged in ensuring its success.

As the main sponsor, GJ Gardner Homes Nelson is not only backing us financially but is also forming a dedicated team for active participation in the event. The Vercoes’ stress the inclusivity of Relay For Life, urging the entire GJ family to join hands in supporting this vital cause through participation or donations.

Driven by the belief that no one should face cancer alone, the Vercoes’ emphasise the importance of research and development in advancing treatments, aligning their support with the conviction that their resources are directed towards a cause that truly matters.

The inspiring day at Richmond Park in March is eagerly anticipated by the GJ Gardner team, and they extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone to join in supporting or participating. Let’s come together, make a tangible difference, and show cancer that it won’t win this fight!

Thank you to GJ Gardner Homes Nelson for standing beside us. Your support of Relay For Life means the world to us!

Interested in Relay For Life Nelson Tasman, or would like to know more visit https://relayforlife.org.nz/nelsontasman