Marg Relay For Life Committee Member

Interview with Marg, Relay For Life Committee Member

“Hi, I’m Marg Palmer, and I’ve been a proud member of the Relay For Life committee for several years now. My journey with Relay began during my time at the National Bank of NZ, where our sponsorship of Daffodil Day highlighted the incredible work of Cancer Societies nationwide. Witnessing the impact of their fundraising efforts on local communities motivated me to join the cause.”

Personal Connection to Cancer:
“My initial involvement in Relay For Life was spurred by a close colleague and friend who received a late-stage terminal diagnosis. Her swift decline, kept private until necessary, revealed the invaluable support and care provided by the Cancer Society to her and her family. This experience became the driving force behind my commitment to giving back in her honor and memory. As a Funeral Celebrant, I’ve encountered numerous touching stories, and thankfully, within my own family, we’ve celebrated some success stories with loved ones still by our side.”

Role on the Relay For Life Committee:
“For the upcoming Relay For Life, I’ll be coordinating the Candlelight Ceremony and collaborating with the Cancer Society Nelson Tasman Supportive Care team, Cyndy and Maureen, to ensure the Saturday night ceremony is truly memorable.”

Memorable Moment:
“Without a doubt, my most cherished memory from past Relay For Life events is the Candlelight Ceremony. That first walk around the track in the dark, surrounded by glowing candles of remembrance, is a powerful and moving experience. The effort put into decorating individual candle bags, each as unique as the loved ones they represent, adds a special touch to this meaningful tribute.”

Advice for Getting Involved:
“My advice to anyone considering getting involved or supporting the cause is simple: Just do it. It’s all too easy to think, ‘Maybe next time.’ Once you take that step, you’ll find the experience to be infectious. You become part of the Relay family, and your involvement will inspire others to join in with you. Don’t hesitate—make a difference now.”

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