RFL-Trevor McGowan

Interview with Trevor, Relay For Life Committee Member


“Hello, my name is Trevor McGowan, and my association with Cancer Society Nelson Tasman dates back over 10 years when I first assisted with Relay For Life at Saxton Field. At different times, I’ve also been called upon to support other events such as Daffodil Day and driving, among others.”

Personal Connection:

“Throughout the years, I’ve witnessed close friends, relatives, and neighbours endure and succumb to various forms of cancer.”

Committee Role:

“I actively participate in scheduled Relay For Life committee meetings, provide input when needed, and contribute to the logistics, detailed planning, and organisation required before, during, and after the event.” (side note from us – Trevor is amazing at this stuff we are so lucky to have him!)

Meaningful Moments: Can you share a poignant moment from a past Relay For Life event?

“Certainly. Each event I engage in grounds me and reinforces the preciousness of life. Experiencing the diverse emotions of those participating is truly humbling. Witnessing families walk the circuit, knowing the challenges they’ve faced or are currently facing after losing loved ones, partners, or siblings, is a testament to their determination and resilience.”

Inspiration for Others: What advice would you offer to someone contemplating involvement or support for the cause?

“Getting involved is both fulfilling and rewarding — it doesn’t demand a significant amount of time. In my experience, collaborating with the dedicated and enthusiastic Cancer Society staff, alongside other volunteers, is exceptionally satisfying.”

Interested in Relay For Life Nelson Tasman, or would like to know more visit https://relayforlife.org.nz/nelsontasman