Share My Pet

Lili and Dave from Share My Pet are offering anyone undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer in NZ, free membership to their website. Through the website you can arrange for pet care with a trustworthy member of your community while you are undergoing treatment. Share My Pet could also help you to connect with a pet for companionship and love if you are recovering from treatment.

Lili and Dave from Nelson founded Share My Pet with the goal of enriching the lives of pets in NZ. The Share My Pet website is Nationwide and facilitates the contact between pet owners willing to share their pets (Sharers) with people in the community who don’t own a pet but would love to be part of a pet’s life (Carers). Pets benefit by getting more exercise, care and companionship. Pet owners benefit by having an extra someone they trust in their life when the going gets tough, busy or they need an extra hand to make sure their pets are receiving the love and attention they deserve. Non pet owners get to be a loving part of a pet’s life without the financial and full time responsibility of pet ownership.

To receive this free membership to the Share My Pet website please follow these simple instructions:

  • Please register as a FREE member on the Share My Pet website.
  • Fill in you profile and your pets profile (if you don’t have a pet then just create a profile for yourself)
  • Contact Share My Pet at to be made a full member for FREE. This allows you to make contact with other members of the site.
  • Once you are a free full member you can contact other members to discuss the possibility of pet care. There are lots of lovely, animal loving community members who would love to help care for your pet when needed and at no point is money is exchanged. There are also lots of lovely pets available to cosy up to if you just desire a part time fur buddy to lift your spirits.
  • Once you have found a Carer who you think would be a good match you need to meet in real life. We recommend that you first meet in a public place. You can then get to know each other, discuss how you see the relationship working, what to do in an emergency etc. There is lots of information on pet sharing on the website.

If you need any help, Dave and Lili at Share My Pet are more than happy to offer any assistance they can to make a great connection. They can help you set up your profile and assist you if computers aren’t really your thing. If you require specific care / dates they can also add you to their message board and contact their members via email to help you find your perfect carer.

Share My Pet wants to offer their help to anyone in NZ communities affected by cancer. The goal is to make life a bit easier during what is a stressful time for everyone involved.  By connecting our communities and shared love of animals positive and caring support is available for those that need it.